2 Days


*   Optimizing The Value Of Knowledge Assets


How to Implement Knowledge Management successfully in your organization


Learn state of the art strategies, methods, practices, and tools for achieving faster, better, smarter knowledge processing in your organization.


Learn how to develop sustainable high knowledge performance across the enterprise. Learn about whatís involved in creating new and improved metrics for measuring and monitoring knowledge performance.


The format will be four half-day knowledge cafe style workshops in which we explore the subject matter through dialogue, discussion, exercises, and presentations.


Fee - $ 449.00





1 Day


*   Knowledge Innovation Zone Development

How to develop knowledge high performance in Knowledge Innovation Zones

Presenters: Debra Amidon & Bryan Davis

New recipes for attracting more successful, sustainable growth, and knowledge-based economic development, in knowledge enterprises, creative towns, smart communities, knowledge city-, regions, and innovation hubs.


Fee - $ 549.00


1 Day


*   Expertise Management

How to network the experts in your organization so as to optimize available brainpower, and better harness collective wisdom, and experience, for competitive advantage.


This seminar will expose you to state of the art thinking, trends, strategies, frameworks, practices, and technologies, for expertise networking.


Fee - $ 349.00





1 Day

*   Knowledge Leadership Development

How to become a higher performing Knowledge Leader in your organization and to develop winning knowledge communities and teams for your enterprise

Learn the 7 leading roles of modern knowledge leaders, what competencies they require, and how to play these roles. In this seminar we create a series of practice simulations so that leaders get to experience the new roles by engaging in action.

Fee - $ 349.00


1 Day

*   Ideation

How To optimize the rich market-place for IDEAS in your enterprise and beyond, so as to better enhance decision-making, customer service, productivity, innovation, and profit.

Tapping, sharing, exploiting, networking, valuing, protecting, and moving ideas from mind to market for greater customer success, profitable returns, and business innovation.

Fee - $ 249.00



1 Day

*   Knowledge Continuity Planning

How to Practice Effective Knowledge Continuity
Managing risk, threats, emergencies, and staff turnover so as ensure ongoing success, growth, and sustainability for your knowledge program

Fee - $ 249.00



1 Day

*   Knowledge-Based Business Model Innovation

Understanding The Vital Building Blocks Of Knowledge-Based Business Model Innovation

Fee - $ 349.00




1 Day

*   KM For SMEís

††††† How SMEís can leverage Knowledge Management thinking,

practices, and systems for sustainable growth, and greater profitability?

Fee - $ 249.00



2 Days


*   Intellectual Capital & Intangible Assets

How to identify, develop, monitor, and measure the performance of your organizationís intellectual capital and intangible assets

This seminar will equip you with knowledge about the methods, techniques, and tools for making the most of human capital, relationship capital, and structural capital in your enterprise.

Fee - $ 449.00





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We also offer these seminars as on-site events  If you would like to have a seminar presented for a group within your organization contact us to arrange.




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